Simple apple charlotte recipe

I like to make light, budgetary, but no less tasty baked goods. That is why my choice often falls on charlotte. But there are so many options that I want to offer you one of the best. Cooking description: I want to tell you about how to cook a simple apple charlotte recipe. It is simple because it contains only 5 ingredients that you just need to mix and then bake. These pastries will be appropriate on the festive table, if they are decorated correctly. The recipe is simply irreplaceable for everyday tea drinking. #besthouse

  • Charlotte dough is very simple to prepare. We break three eggs into a voluminous convenient container.
  • First, beat the eggs in a mixer or blender. It is preferable to use a mixer, it whips the eggs better, but if you prefer speed, then the blender is indispensable.

  • When the eggs beat well and increase in volume (it literally takes 3-4 minutes), gradually add sugar in small portions.
  • We also add flour a little bit.
  • At the very end, put a pinch of salt and half a level teaspoon of soda. If you use baking powder instead of baking soda, then put a teaspoon of baking powder.
  • To make the dough of our charlotte especially tender, we must add a spoonful of sour cream. Beat well again and set aside.
  • Now let’s get to the apples. The good thing about charlotte is that it can be cooked with any apples. But if you want to cook a real charlotte, then it is still advisable to take the sour Antonovka or Golden apples.

  • So, we clean the washed apples from the cores and cut them into thin slices. If desired, apples can be peeled.
  • Thoroughly grease a detachable baking dish with butter, lightly sprinkle with flour on top, so that the cake then easily separates from the walls. Put finely chopped apples on the bottom of the mold.

  • Fill the apples evenly with dough.
  • We put the form with our future charlotte in a preheated oven. Bake for 15 minutes at 180 ° C, then lower the temperature to 170 ° C and bake until tender. The total baking time is about 40 minutes. When our apple pie is almost ready, the kitchen begins to fill with the amazing aroma of dough and baked apples. This is a clear sign that you need to be careful and not miss a moment.

  • The readiness of the charlotte can be easily checked using a special metal pin or an ordinary wooden toothpick. If, after piercing, the pin remains clean, then the dough is ready and it’s time to remove the charlotte from the oven. If there is still dough on it, then continue the baking process.
  • Remove the finished charlotte with apples from the oven. Let cool slightly.

  • Remove the form carefully. To make the apple pie look especially elegant, after cooling it can be sprinkled with powdered sugar or greased with transparent glaze, but this is not at all necessary, because the main advantage is in the taste, and not in the decorations))).
  • We serve very tasty and aromatic apple charlotte with tea. I am sure that your family and guests will appreciate this pie.
  • For lovers of apple pies, I recommend trying the famous apple pie of the Tsvetaev sisters , as well as the French apple Taten .